Peavey PV6 Mixer

Built tough and designed for either live sound or recording. Each of the four channels includes XLR and 1/4" inputs, phantom power, EQ and effects send. Assignable tape input and a master contour EQ which simultaneously cuts mids while slightly boosting the bass and treble in the overall mix. L & R outs for main and control room, effects send and headphones.

$25.00 Daily

Mackie ProFX8 4 Channel Mixer

Small to medium-sized gigs are easily handled. Low-noise pre-amps offer plenty of headroom and the built-in RMFX processor offers 16 "Gig-Ready" effects for truly professional mixes. Pipe your 2-track mix straight to a computer via the USB port. All mic channels boast insert points, a 100Hz low-cut filter, and phantom power.

$25.00 Daily

Mackie ProFX12 6 Channel Mixer

Perfect choice for smaller performing acts, solo performers or for small venues that don’t have the budget or space for a ton of outboard gear. USB I/O lets you record the show or stream music straight from a laptop. Professional tools, rugged build quality, and small footprint.

$35.00 Daily

Mackie ProFX16 10 Channel Mixer

Clear solution for any mid-sized venue or band that needs great sound, but doesn’t have the budget or space for tons of outboard gear. To lose the rack, built-in tools like compression and graphic EQ are crucial. USB I/O lets you record the show or stream music straight from a laptop. Professional tools, rugged build quality and space-saving footprint.

$55.00 Daily

Allen & Heath Mix Wizard WZ4 16:2

A true all-purpose mixer, providing a full 16 high specification mic/line inputs in a compact, straightforward format. Features 4 band EQ with 2 sweepable mids, high quality 100mm faders, 6 aux sends, 12 segment bar graph metering and unique QCC connector system for easy desktop, rack or flight case mounting.

$75.00 Daily

Mackie PPM1008 Powered Mixer

Excellent choice for small to medium sized venues or bars that have limited space. It’s compact and ultra-lightweight design mean you can pull it out when you need it and have all the power you need. PPM is an excellent solution for integration into existing passive loudspeaker systems, bands touring small clubs or any application requiring an ultra-lightweight, powerful, all-in-one mixing and amplification solution.

$85.00 Daily